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Lauran Childs
Lauran Childs as Photographed for Voyage Mia Magazine

Here we go again –
You visiting a new blog, me writing one.

I’m an English writer in Miami and had a blog a few years ago – LoveMiamiBlog. The remains are still floating around on the web. It started to get some good attention, my favorite of which was being limo driven to a lunch at Hakkasan with other female bloggers. The event was hosted by a New York PR company.

Then I switched my attention to writing screenplays. I’m working on getting funding to make my movies. Poster for my horror movie She Lives Again below.

Despite the fact that I’ve been writing on the web for years there’s a lot about blogging I don’t know and will share some useful things that I learn here for those who are also interested in blogging.

Writer at Work

A good place to start is Bluehost  – the most popular host on the web.

A lot of top female bloggers focus on fashion. I won’t be doing that, but I do have t-shirt stores at Got The T-Shirt

I’m interested more in food and drink, cats, health/beauty/fitness, great hotels, film, tarot.

I’ll be making movies and intend to have a cat sanctuary and a dog sanctuary and my blog will cover steps on those journeys. 

I feel that where blogs were useful and interesting before, Covid 19/the pandemic is making them even more popular.

Shops and restaurants are dying right and left. Before the first pandemic scare a lot of us already liked to shop online and now even more people are going to the web to get their needs met. Are you?

Blogs can provide unbiased feedback on products and services that consumers want to know about. At what many would consider a safe distance.

I’ve already written quite a few reviews on the web on Yelp and TripAdvisor and will be reviewing more products and services here. I may be paid in cash and/or product, but you will still get an honest review.

If you’re interested in us working together contact me at lauranchilds@yahoo.com.

Thank you for visiting my site. 

Wishing you a blessed and magical day!

Lauran Childs



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